3D Gel Number Plates


Discover a touch of elegance for your vehicle with our 4D 3mm Acrylic Number Plates. Our 4D plates bring a distinctive dimensionality to your car’s identity, catching eyes without demanding attention.

The 3mm thickness of the acrylic letters adds a subtle depth, providing a sophisticated alternative to the standard number plates. Perfectly balancing visibility and refinement, these 4D number plates give your vehicle an edge, without being ‘in-your-face’.

For the discerning motorist in the UK, our 4D 3mm Acrylic Number Plates are the ideal choice. Impeccably crafted with careful attention to detail, these plates are more than just identifiers – they’re a statement about your unique style. Join the trend of 4D number plates that’s taking the automotive world by storm and let your car stand out in just the right way.



Road legal plate styles:

Please note that by law we include our company name, postcode and BSAU number on the plate. The font style for all our plates is Charles Wright which is the legal UK road font, compliant with the law. The DVLA confirm that three-dimensional characters are legal and compliant with road laws, this includes ‘4D’ number plates, as 4D is only an industry standard name, and they are still classed as three-dimensional.


All our number plates are:

BS AU 145e compliant!

100% Road Legal

Adds next-level depth to your plates

Safe to pressure wash

Doesn’t fade in the sun

Professionally laser cut

Industrial strength adhesive bonding

12 month warranty